Salesforce Implementations and Development

Experienced in implementing Salesforce Sales, Service, Community Cloud, we can provide a design and implementation following the best practices.

Salesforce Integrations with External Systems

We design and implement custom solutions for integrating Salesforce with various external systems (billing, provisioning, marketing related systems).

Product Marketing Consultancy

We help SaaS businesses establish go-to-market strategies, drive product adoption activities, create impactful stories and messaging for their products and services. We teach you how to listen to your customers and connect the dots between product, sales and marketing to drive the best results. You get advisory, support in strategy creation and execution.

We Go Further - Content and Digital Marketing

With more than ten years of experience in SaaS content, digital and product marketing, we are bringing best practices and expertise for your company. We want to help you support product marketing initiatives with high quality content and digital plans to create impactful marketing campaigns. Let's brainstorm together!



Tomislav Blažek

Founder, Technical Architect and Developer

Salesforce Certified Application and System Architect/Developer with 7+ years of Salesforce experience (a full software development lifecycle dev stack).
Playing a key role in technical teams, leading the teams, designing and implementing multiple Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud solutions, as well as CloudSense CPQ and Order Management solutions. Besides the Salesforce expertise, I have a solid foundation in Java and am comfortable working remotely and onsite.

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 Toptal Resume

Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II Salesforce Certified Application Architect Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Architect Salesforce Certified Data Architect Salesforce Certified System Architect Salesforce Certified Identity and Access Management Architect Salesforce Certified Integration Architect Salesforce Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Salesforce Certified Administrator Salesforce Certified Developer

Maja Blažek

Product Marketing Consultant

Product marketing enthusiast with ten years of experience in SaaS content, digital and product marketing in startups, mid-size and global SaaS companies with customers worldwide.
Worked on go-to-market strategies, big product launches, adoption, onboarding and retention strategies along with product, sales and marketing teams. Product marketing has become an integral function within the software and technology industries in the last couple of years. Let’s together build and educate a PMM team or we can do it all for you.

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 Guide - Product adoption and in-app engagements

Product Marketing Alliance Ambassador